by John Cowley, Senior Research Fellow

Political change in the United Kingdom has raised interest in the Commonwealth, giving the organisation a status it has lacked in recent years.

Suddenly, this extraordinary association of diverse communities that spans the globe is seen to enhance Britain’s prospects.
A core of this conviction is founded in potential for trade and commerce. The latter, however, might be viewed as mercenary and materialistic. Ties of language, law, and political development, initiated in fundamentals ultimately imperial and controversial, are interpreted in this new light.

Bonds of kith and kin together with positive elements of historical as well as current circumstance are counterbalances to the exigencies of past administration.

Existence of such factors is reason for the significance of positive Commonwealth connection, personal and collective communication provides another.

Ultimately the intertwining of historical perspectives bind Britain and its former colonies, and sustain a dynamic relationship that remains relevant to past, present, and future.